8 Best Barbers Face Wax for Men’s Facial Hair Removal

Face waxing is the process of applying cold or hot wax over the skin to remove unwanted facial hair on the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, jawline, cheek, nose, and ears. 

Unlike shaving with straight razors or safety razors, waxing does not cut hair. Waxing uproot hairs. This gives a cleaner and smoother look and more supple skin. And because the hairs are uprooted, stray hair regrowth usually takes longer time compared to shaving.

Benefits of Waxing for Men

For many men, facial hair can be a source of pride. A well-groomed beard can add an element of rugged sophistication, and a neatly trimmed mustache can give a man a distinguished air. However, there are also some downsides to facial hair.

It can be difficult to keep clean, and it can trap sweat and oil, leading to breakouts. In addition, facial hair can make your skin appear rough and dry. One way to combat these problems is to wax your facial hair.

Cleaner Face

Waxing not only removes the hair follicle from the root, it also removes also dead skin cells leaving behind softer and smoother skin. Because of this, waxing can also prevent ingrown hairs and relieve itchiness.

Furthermore, facial hair removal is beneficial for body odor. When hair is present on the face, it can trap sweat and bacteria, leading to an unpleasant smell. However, when the hair is removed via waxing, there is no longer anything for the sweat and bacteria to cling to, resulting in a much fresher scent. This can be a particularly useful benefit during the summer months when temperatures are higher and we tend to sweat more.

Cost Effective

Facial waxing for men lasts much longer than other methods of facial hair removal. It just means that you won’t have to worry about touching up your facial hair every few days.

In fact, a good waxing can last up to six weeks! This is why waxing is often seen as a more cost-effective option in the long run. Although it may be more expensive per session, you end up saving money in the long run because you don’t have to keep going back for touch-ups as often.

Best Barbers Face Wax

Now that you know more about face waxing, let us go to my review of the best barbers’ face wax products. I’ve chosen some of the best ones according to the user ratings and the quality of the ingredients!

Barbero Grooming Hair Removal Hard Wax Steel

Wax Necessities Barbero Grooming Depilatory Hard Wax Steel for Men 14 Ounces

Type: The Barbero Grooming Hair Removal Hard Wax Steel is a hard and hot stripless barbers face wax.

Pros: This face wax for men has a high-quality resin base that is specifically made for men with thick and coarser hair. And because of its hard formula, it effectively removes hair while remaining gentle on the skin. It has a black metallic color that sees through the skin. And it hardens fast and requires no strips.

Cons: While this product works for most users, remember that this may not be suitable for everyone. Very few complained that this product did not remove as much hair as they expected for them.

Bottomline: The Barbero Grooming Hair Removal Hard Wax Steel is a popular face wax for professional use. Many loyal users of this product are impressed with its capacity to uproot both thick and fine facial hairs. While it is formulated for men, there are plenty of reviews that it works and is suitable for all genders.

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WAXUP Black Mud Microwave Wax

waxup Microwave Hard Wax Kit, Black Mud 7 Ounces Pot, 8 L 8 M Wax Sticks, at Home Waxing Kit, Hot Wax Hair Removal for Women And Men Body, Face, Eyebrow, Nose, Ears, Upper Lip, Legs. No-Strip Wax.

Type: The WAXUP Black Mud Microwave Wax is a hard and hot stripless black wax for the face and body.

Pros: This product is versatile and great for sensitive areas and people with delicate skin.

All genders can use this wax to remove unwanted facial hair in the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, cheeks, nose, and ears. It is very convenient to use. And what I like most about it is that it takes only about a minute in the microwave. It can be reheated for multiple use and does not require strips.

Cons: This product can only be used if you have a microwave. In addition, while many were satisfied with this product, very few complained that it was not as effective in removing facial hairs as they expected it to be.

Bottomline: The WAXUP Black Mud Microwave Wax is another crowd favorite. It is highly favored for its easy-to-administer formula. This product dissolves fast in the microwave and quick to harden in the skin. It effectively removes unwanted extra hair while leaving the skin soft and smooth. This product is best used with the WAXUP after-wax skin care lotion, oil, and gel.

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KoluaWax Waxing Kit

Waxing Kit Wax Warmer Hair Removal with Hard Wax Beans. KoluaWax Multiple Formulas Target Different Type of Hair, Eyebrow, Facial, Armpit, Bikini, Brazilian,for Women and Men. 20 Applicators for Home

Type: The KoluaWax Waxing Kit consists of a black digital wax warmer, 4 packs of hard and hot wax for face and body, pre-wax oil, post-wax oil, 10 large wax applicators, 10 brow wax applicator,s and a waxing manual.

Pros: This barbers face wax has everything you need for facial waxing and more. The black digital wax warmer offers precise temperature control and has a see-through lid that prevents wax from burning. In addition, it comes with different types of hard wax for the face and different areas of the body. For a complete waxing experience, you also get a pre-wax and post-wax oil.

Cons: This product is a bit pricey.

Bottomline: If you are looking for a product that has it all, then the KoluaWax Waxing Kit is a great choice. This is a convenient set for both salon and home use. Many users said that the wax removes unwanted hair more than they expected.

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Bliss Poetic Waxing Hair Removal Kit

bliss Poetic Waxing Hair Removal Kit | No-Strip Wax | Straight-from-the-Spa | Safe, Low-Temp, Microwaveable | Paraben Free, Cruelty Free | 5.3 fl oz

Type: The Bliss Hair Removal Waxing Kit is a soft and warm blue wax that removes unwanted hair on the face and body.

Pros: This face wax for men comes as a set. It has a microwaveable cup and sticks that make it simple and easy to use. This takes a few minutes to warm the wax and it cools almost instantly upon skin contact. It has botanical oils, cruelty-free sourced beeswax and lanolin, and high-grade paraffin. In addition to that, this barbers face wax is guaranteed sulfate and paraben-free.

Cons: Very few complained that the wax breaks as they pull it from the skin.

Bottomline: The Bliss Hair Removal Waxing Kit is safe to use with its low-temperature feature. It is very easy to administer. Just warm the wax in the microwave, apply an even and smooth amount on the skin, and pull the cooled wax fast. This product is free from harmful ingredients like sulfates and parabens. It is formulated to provide a spa pampering experience.

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WAXUP Aloe Vera Microwaveable Wax

waxup Microwave Hard Wax Kit, Aloe Vera, 7 Ounces, 8 Medium and 8 Large Wax Sticks, at Home Waxing kit for Women face, Microwaveable Hot Wax Hair Removal for all Body Areas. No-Strip Wax.

Type: The WAXUP Aloe Vera Microwave Wax is a stripless hard, hot, and green barbers face wax.

Pros: This men’s facial hair removal wax has an Aloe Vera extract, an ingredient known to be soothing to the skin. Just like the WAXUP Black Mud, the WAXUP Aloe Vera Microwave Wax is formulated to effectively remove unwanted facial hair in the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, cheek, nose, and ears. It takes seconds to a minute to heat up this wax and it easily hardens on the skin. Its hard formula makes it tough on facial hairs but gentle on the skin.

Cons: Again, this product requires a microwave. It is liposoluble, that’s why you will need oil to completely remove the wax off of your face.

Bottomline: This product is another great barbers face wax from the WAXUP brand. It removes both thick and fine hair and can uproot hair in large and small skin surface areas. It comes with detailed instructions and is very convenient to use. For best results, use this with the WAXUP after-wax skin care lotion, oil, and gel.

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KeShi Home Waxing Kit

Waxing Kit, KeShi Wax Warmer for Painless Hair Removal, Home Wax Kit with 5 Bags Hard Wax Beans for Full Body, Legs, Face, Eyebrows, Bikini Wax Women Men Brazilian Wax kit

Type: The KeShi Home Waxing Kit is another all-in-one waxing product that consists of an electric 500ml wax warmer, 5 bags of hard wax beans, 20 cloth wax strips, 10 big applicator sticks, 10 small applicator sticks, 5 small melt bowls for eyebrow or nose wax, 1 pre-wax spray and 1 after wax essential oil.

Pros: This facial hair removal wax has all your waxing needs. The electric warmer is durable and flexible. It can melt all types of wax. The wax effectively removes unwanted hair on the face and the body and leaves soft and smooth skin. You can choose to use a waxing strip but it also goes well without it. There is a spray and essential oil for before and after waxing skin care.

Cons: There are hardly any cons for this product except for very few complaints about the contents of their purchase.

Bottomline: The KeShi Waxing Kit is another great option if you are looking for a complete waxing set for salon or home use.  This is a well-loved product in the market today. It has all-natural ingredients that effectively uproot unwanted hair without damaging the skin.

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Cirepil The Original Blue Wax Beads by Perron Rigot

Cirepil The Original Blue Wax Beads by Perron Rigot Refill Bag, 400g/14.11 oz.

Type: The Cirepril Original Blue Wax Beads by Perron Rigot is a high-quality hot and hard wax beads for removing hair on the face and all areas of the body.

Pros: This product is for professional use. It is formulated to shrink and wrap hair, making it easy to remove. This is a low-temperature and gentle wax. It feels less painful. This has a wonderful fluid gel texture and vibrant blue color. The Cirepril Original Blue Wax Beeds is super effective in removing unwanted hair on the face and all parts of the body.

Cons: There are no cons to this product.

Bottomline: The Cirepril Original Blue Wax Beads has been voted as the best wax worldwide since 2010 by professionals. It is high quality, cruelty-free, and hypoallergenic. If you are looking for a barbers face wax that will satisfy your clients, then this is a superb choice.

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Bestidy Hard Wax Beans

Bestidy Wax Beads, Bagged 500g/1.1lb/17.6oz, Waxing beans for Hair Removal, Women Men, Home Waxing for All Body and Brazilian Bikini Areas (500g)

Type: The Bestidy Hard Wax Beans is a hard and hot wax bean that removes unwanted hair in the face and body.

Pros: This barber face wax firmly grasps hair which makes it highly effective in removing thick and fine hair. It has a low-temperature melting point with a chamomile formula. This makes the product gentle for all skin types. It is very easy to use, with no need for wax strips.

Cons: There is hardly any negative feedback on this product.

Bottomline: The Bestidy Hard Wax Beans is one of the best barbers’ face wax on the market today. Its quality and efficacy in removing unwanted hair and leaving the skin smooth and soft set it apart from cheaper options.

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Face Wax for Men Buyer’s Guide

What is a Barbers Face Wax?

A barber’s face wax works like a regular facial wax. It is a form of hair removal treatment that removes hair from the roots, resulting in a smoother, cleaner look.

The process is simple: Cold or warm wax is applied to the skin’s surface where there is unwanted hair growth. When the wax hardens, it is pulled in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Face waxing can be performed on any area of the face, including the eyebrows, upper lip, and chin. While it may sound painful, most men report only mild discomfort during the procedure. Best of all, the results can last up to six weeks—making it an ideal solution for those who want to keep their facial hair in check.

Types of Face Wax

There are different kinds of man’s face wax, like soft wax, cold wax, fruit wax, and waxing strips. But if you’re looking for barber grade or professional face wax for men, you should look for the hard or hot wax type of face wax.

Hard waxes make it easier to remove coarse and thick hair compared to sugar and fruit waxes. Additionally, hard wax only adheres to the hair, not the skin. This makes it less painful than other types of waxes and helps to reduce the risk of skin irritation. Additionally, hard wax is ideal for delicate areas, such as facial skin and bikini lines.

The fact that it only adheres to the hair means that it can be removed without tugging at sensitive skin. Finally, hard wax is less likely to leave behind any residue. This makes it a good choice for those who want a clean and smooth finish.

Barber’s Face Wax Ingredients

Barbers’ face wax is a mixture of several different ingredients, all of which work together to help remove hair from the face. Most barbers face waxes contain rosin, beeswax, and essential oils.


Also known as colophony, is a natural resin obtained from the pine tree. It is sticky, amber-colored, and has a strong smell. For centuries, rosin has been used for a variety of purposes, including soaps and adhesives. The reason rosin is so effective at removing hair is that it hardens when heated and forms a tight bond with the hair shafts. As the wax cools and contracts, it pulls the hair out of the follicles.


Beeswax is a natural secretion from bees that has many uses, one of which is hair removal wax. When used for this purpose, it acts as an adhesive to grip the hair and pull it out from the roots.

Beeswax also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help soothe the skin and prevent irritation after hair removal. In addition, beeswax has a high melting point, which makes it ideal for use in hot wax treatments. When applied to the skin, the beeswax quickly hardens and then melts when pulled away, taking the unwanted hair with it.

Natural Oils

Coconut, argan, and almond oil are also some of the most popular ingredients in hair removal wax. They are usually added for their numerous skin benefits.

Natural oils have antibacterial properties, which can help to prevent infection after facial waxing. In addition, these oils are both very moisturizing, which helps to soothe the skin after hair removal.

How to perform Men’s Face Waxing?

Each barber’s face wax product has its own instructions on how to perform face waxing. Be sure to read and follow the directions thoroughly. But as a general rule, we listed below some guidelines for you to follow.

1. Before face waxing

  • Exfoliate the skin 
  • Wash the skin
  • Dry the skin
  • Cut or trim coarse hair to at least a quarter of an inch

2. During face waxing

  • If you are using hot wax, test the temperature so as not to burn your skin. 
  • For best results, apply a smooth and even coat of cold or hot wax in the direction of hair growth
  • If you are using wax that requires a strip, apply the strip over the wax, in the same direction
  • Wait for a few moments for the wax to harden
  • Pull the wax fast in the opposite direction of hair growth. Use your other hand to press down the skin for an easier pull

3. After face waxing

  • Remove all barbers face wax residue
  • Don’t wash your face: Your face will likely be sensitive after having a wax, so it’s important to avoid washing it. If you do, you risk irritating the skin and causing redness and swelling.
  • Apply an after-wax soothing cream
  • Don’t expose the waxed area to the sun: Sun exposure can cause irritation and inflammation, especially for men with sensitive skin, so it’s best to stay out of the sun for at least 24 hours after having a wax.

FAQs on Barbers Face Wax

Is face waxing safe?

Barbers’ face wax is safe. That said, expect your skin to turn slightly red after facial waxing. Some experience mild irritation. These are normal. Avoid washing and toning right after face wax to allow your skin to rest. 

Is it okay for women to have face wax?

Yes. All genders are fine to undergo face wax as long as the right procedures are followed. 

Does face waxing make skin darker?

After face waxing, your skin may have mild discoloration. But this is expected to return to its normal color. 

Does face waxing thicken hair regrowth?

No. Face waxing and waxing other areas of the body do not thicken hair regrowth. You can expect hair regrow to be just the same. Some claimed that after some time, waxing actually causes thinner hair regrowth.

What kind of wax do you use to remove nose hair?

High-quality hard wax is ideal for small areas like the nose, as it can be applied directly to the skin and then pulled off without the need for strips.


With the face wax above, you can achieve a clean look and smooth skin. You are guaranteed that hair regrowth takes longer compared to shaving.

Just expect that it is normal to feel little pain with the face waxing process and to see a mild redness and slight irritation on the skin post-waxing. All of these will subside after a while. Lastly, remember that product experience varies from person to person. So, I hope that this article has helped you narrow down your search for the best barber face wax for your facial hair removal needs.

In addition to getting a good barber face wax, look for good shaver oil, barber shaving cream, or a regular shaving cream for your electric razor.

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