10 Best Barber Massager & Barber Massage Machine for Head & Body

Are you looking for the best barber massage machine or barber massager? You’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I’ll discuss the different types of barber massagers and review the best barber massager for the head, scalp, and body. 

We live in a busy and stressful society. Most of the time, our clients come to us not just for physical grooming but, more importantly, to take time to slow down and make room for self-care. Their moments with us are precious and limited. That is why we must provide them with the best possible service, including a pampering massage. 

What Is A Barber Massage Machine or Barber Massager?

There’s no such thing as a dedicated barber’s massager – the term covers massage devices that barbers often use after giving customers a haircut or other hair treatment. When shopping for these machines, look for massagers, not “barber’s massagers” specifically.

How Do Massagers Work?

Most modern massagers draw power from an external source – this can be through a cable plugged in via a socket or even batteries. These power the massager’s motor, causing it to vibrate. By applying pressure with the massager’s round tip while the massager is on, your body’s muscles relax and stretch, relieving stress.

Types of Massagers

There are multiple types of massagers available on the market today. These massagers vary depending on their shape or how they work. Among the many versions on the market, today are wearable massagers, massage guns, massage balls, and handheld massagers. Each massager is meant for use on different body parts, so check what a massager can do before you decide to buy it.

Wearable Barber Vibrating Hand Massager

Vibrating Hand Massagers are meant to be worn on your hand. When powered up, they vibrate rapidly, and when used with slow, steady hand movements, they deliver a powerful yet soothing massage.

How Do I Use A Vibrating Hand Massager?

Strap the vibrating hand massager onto one of your hands with the massager on the back of your palm. Turn the device on, then slowly pass your hand over the parts you want to massage.

Like other massagers, vibrating hand massagers have their pros and cons. Among their best features are:

Easy to use


On the other hand, massagers carry some cons too, such as:

You need an experienced masseuse to get the most out of it

Can be heavy

Handheld Barber Massage Tools

There are two handheld massage tools, deep massagers, and massage guns. Chiropractors and other professional massage clinics usually use deep massagers. As the name suggests, they deeply penetrate massage to reduce pain, stiffness, and tension. 

With a deep massager, you will need a bed where you can let your clients lie on their stomach. That’s why deep massagers are not popular in barbershops. Though, if you have a dedicated space for massages, this is a great and wise investment!

On the other hand, massage guns are handheld devices with rounded tips. Their name comes from the first few models, which resembled firearms. Today, massage guns come in all shapes and sizes. What they have in common is a rounded tip that extends outwards from the device. When turned on, the motor vibrates, allowing the tip to deliver deep tissue massages

How Do I Use A Massage Gun?

Massage guns are easy to use – simply point them at what you want to be massaged and gently apply pressure to the area. Some massage guns come with separate heads, allowing you to customize your massage experience and use the best head for each body part.

Massage guns are among the most popular massagers today, but they have pros and cons. Some of their best features are:


Ease of access

An easy and effective muscle relaxation tool

On the other hand, massage guns carry some cons too, such as:

Some models are heavy

Has a risk of self-injury

You won’t get as thorough a massage as with an expert masseuse

Can be heavy

Barber’s Massager Benefits

What better way to enhance your client’s salon experience than to provide a complete pampering package? That is right! One with a calming scalp, neck, shoulder, and back massage with the help of your most reliable barbers massager. 

Massage helps calm and relax your clients. It relieves muscle tension, soreness, and pain. It promotes muscle recovery and healing from an excessive workout or prolonged sitting in the office. On the other hand, scalp massages help blood circulation and support hair growth and thickening. That is why scalp massage is usually done after haircutting. 

No barbers massager yet for your massage services? Do not worry. We are here to help you find the best product for you. 

Top 10 Best Barber Massagers

In this article, we reviewed the top 10 best barber massagers in the market today.  We listed different types of barbers massagers. You will find the best traditional handheld massagers, point gun massagers, wearable massage devices, massage neck pillows, and massage chairs.

We hope that you can find in the selection the barbers massagers that suit your services and your clients best. Happy shopping!

Best Vibrating Barber’s Hand Massager:

Oster Professional 103 Stim-U-Lax Massager

oster 1 barber massager

If you want to give your clients a quick and relaxing pampering service after cutting their hair or shaving their beard, you should get the Oster Professional 103 Stim-U-Lax Massager. You wear this barber massager on your hand. Just slide it onto your fingers. The massager rests at the back of your hand, and you use your palm and fingers to provide a constant pulsating touch to your client’s head, scalp, shoulders, and back.

Clients love how this barber massager soothes the scalp, releases muscle tightness, and removes knots on the shoulders and back. I know so many of them who keep coming back and paying more for this extra service. 

I can confidently say that the Oster Professional Massager has an excellent grip for a handheld barber massager. It has a nice contour that allows it to fit perfectly. As you use it, you will notice that it stays firm and does not get wobbly. Oster Professional is also lightweight. Even if you use it for 15 minutes, it does not cause that much hand fatigue. The construction is heavy-duty. This barber massager can last you for a very long time. 

My slight issue with the Oster Professional Massager is it is a little loud. It is not that easy to relax with the buzzing sound. That said, most clients find the noise tolerable. Or they are willing to ignore the noise because of this device’s relaxing pulses. Another thing, this barber massager is not cordless. It will help if you are careful not to twist and twirl the cord as you glide your hand. 

Product Type:  Wearable Vibrating Massager For Head, Scalp, Shoulders, and Back

Product Features:

  • Chrome housing
  • Universal motor
  • Rubber hand pad
  • Single-speed
  • 120 volts, 60 Hz, AC
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds



Great grip


A little loud


Requires barber’s massage skills

Bottomline: The Oster Professional 103 Stim-U-Lax Massager is a must-have for barbers who like to provide a professional hand massage to clients. The product features are great. At the same time, the muscle tension relief and the relaxation it provides are excellent. Having this device can get you a lot more earnings. 

oster barber massager
Oster Professional 103 Stim-U-Lax Massager

Provides a refreshing, energizing massage following any cutting service. Its powerful universal motor is designed for heavy-duty use. The lightweight and ergonomic contoured design reduces hand fatigue.

Best Wearable Head Massager:

BaBylissPRO Barberology Cord/Cordless Massager

babyblisspro barber massager

At first glance, the BabylissPro Hand Massager looks high-end. Visually, it has a minimalist construction and an elegant smooth gold finish. BabylissPro has a more modern and professional design than similar products in the market.

Four more features set the BabylissPro Hand Massager apart from other handheld barber massagers. The first is its two-speed settings. Now, you can choose between the low and high settings depending on your client’s preference. Usually, I like to use the low-speed setting when massaging the scalp and neck to provide just enough relaxing sensation. In contrast, I use the high-speed setting on the shoulders and back because these parts require more pulses to remove tightness, tension, and knots.

The second feature I love about the Babyliss Barber Massager is its quietness. It emits is very gentle and light sound. Unlike other hand massagers, the clients find it easy to relax because they can hardly hear any noise.

The Cord or Cordless option is the third innovative feature that sets the BaBylissPRO Barber Massager apart. It is the first to offer a cordless option. The lithium-ion battery can run for up to 60 minutes. You can massage three to four clients before charging the device again.

Lastly, the BabylissPro Barberology Cord/Cordless Massager is exceptionally lightweight. It only weighs 1.08 pounds. This handheld device does not cause too much hand fatigue even when used for a long time.

Two-speed settings

Cord or Cordless Option

The lithium-ion battery can run for up to 60 minutes 


Extremely lightweight

Minimalist construction and elegant design 

This product requires barbers’ massage skills. Thus, this might not be for everyone. That said, this product is well-loved for the relaxing results that it brings to the body. 

Bottomline: If you are a hands-on barber who prefers traditional hand massage for the scalp, neck, shoulders, and back then this is the best barber massager for you. The BaBylissPRO Barberology Cord/Cordless Massager is an easy top pick among professional barbers and stylists because of its innovative features that you cannot find on similar devices. At the same time, the pampering and relaxing experience it provides to clients is priceless.  

babyblisspro2 barber massager

The VibeFX is a quiet and lightweight, 2-speed massager that combines the precision of a hand massage with relaxing pulses. The stainless steel housing encases a long-life brushless motor that offers 2X more efficiency.

Best Barber Face Massager:

Thumper Verve Single Sphere Massager

verve barber massager

The Thumper Verve Single Sphere Massager is another handheld barber massager. Unlike the previous two devices I reviewed, this massager rests on the palm while the strap is at the back of the hand. 

This device has a single-sphere that vibrates in different speed settings. I love that you can personalize the pulsation according to your client’s preferences and needs. You can choose from 20 to 40 pulses per second. As a rule, I use low speed for light surface massage and high speed for deep tissue massage. It also has three interchangeable spheres that allow you to customize your massage experience (light, medium, and heavy pressure) to achieve the best results.

The Thumper Verve Massager targets specific sore areas. It can also reach even the most minor muscles. With this device, you do not need to be a skillful massager. You just point the sphere to the muscle area that needs release, and the device will do the work for you. It will save you time and effort. 

The great thing about this massager is it is lightweight. It only weighs 2 pounds, making it a perfect handheld barber massager because it will not cause too much hand fatigue. This device is easy to clean; wipe it with a damp cloth. Lastly, it is very compact and portable. 

Easy to use

Variable speed control 

Three interchangeable spheres for light, medium, and heavy pressure


Compact and portable

Easy to clean

✘ Some are not satisfied with the range of the speed settings. They complained that they expected higher vibration frequency. 

Bottomline: If you are looking for a user-friendly but high-quality barbers massager, then the Thumper Verve is your product. Almost anyone can use this. Just follow the instructions carefully. This product allows you to customize your massage experience from speed control, pressure, and direction. It is powerful and can reach even the most minor areas of the body. 

thumper verve barber massager
Thumper Verve Single Sphere Massager, Grey/Blue

Verve is the latest addition to the Thumper line of massagers; an ideal tool to help in your quest to stay active. This single sphere massager is perfect for home use. It lets you target precise areas – areas you can only reach with a single head. Don’t let its small size fool you. This high quality tool packs a lot of punch.

Best Handheld Barber Massager:

Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager

jeanie barber massager

If you want to use a handheld barber massager that you do not have to attach to your hand, the Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager is a great option. It is a rectangular massager that you can hold with both hands. The Jeanie Rub Massager is the best for clients who need shoulder and back massages. It is also ideal to use this device to release muscle tension before providing a manual hand massage. 

This barber massager has a variable speed setting. You can choose the low speed to provide a soothing orbital massage and the high speed for an invigorating massage. Because the Jeanie Rub Massager is a handheld device, you can navigate it in different ways. You can either glide it smoothly, rock it side to side, or twist it up and down. If you need to provide more pressure, you can lean on it or press on the corners a little harder. 

If you prefer to use this to provide massage services, it is best to have a bed where you can ask your clients to lie down on their stomachs. It is the only way you can maximize the massage that this device has to offer. 

Product Features: 

  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Black and red powder coat finish
  • Twelve feet cord
  • 120V AC power
  • Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 7 inches
  • Weighs 7 pounds

Easy to use

Professional quality

Heavy-duty massager

Variable speed settings

Long cord for easy maneuvering

Made in Wisconsin, USA

✘ This handheld barber massager is a bit heavy. It requires arm strength to use. You may also need a lying bed to provide back massages. 

Bottomline: If you are looking for a heavy-duty and long-lasting barbers massager, Jeanie Rub Massager is a great choice. It is best for releasing tension and tightness on the shoulders and back. The Jeanie Rub Massager can be used as it is or as a complement to manual hand massage.

jeanie rub barber massager
Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager

The Jeanie Rub Massager with variable speed provides a deep, penetrating massage with the twist of a switch. Help reduce pain, muscle tension, and stiffness by adjusting massage intensity from a soft, gentle speed to a deep, invigorating speed. Treat yourself to the luxury of a full body massage without the recurring cost of a massage therapist.

Best Heavy Duty Professional Back Massager:

Body Sport Professional Vibrating Massager

body sport barber massager

The Body Sport Variable Speed Professional Vibrating Massager is another handheld rectangular barber massager. It uses trigger point therapy. It means that it offers deep intense tissue massage and allows muscles to relax, causing fresh blood and nutrient flow. 

This barber massager has variable speed-setting for customizable pulses and pressure. It also has an easy grip system that makes it smooth to maneuver across different body parts. 

What I love about the Body Sport Vibrating Massager is it is lightweight compared with similar devices from other brands. This means it also requires less strength and effort to use this device. 

While it has a high-powered motor with a speed range of 1000 rpm up to 3800 rpm, some clients complain that the power is either insufficient or decreased over time. 

Product Features: 

  •  Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 3 inches
  • It weighs‎ 3.99 pounds

Uses trigger point therapy formula


Easy grip handles



✘ As I mentioned earlier, some clients find the power insufficient or decreased over time. 

Bottomline: The Body Sport Dual Speed Professional Vibrating Massager is trusted by professionals worldwide and simultaneously loved by many household users. This barber massager effectively relieves muscle tensions, stimulates blood circulation, and creates myofascial release in the body’s major muscle groups.

body barber massager
Body Sport Professional Vibrating Massager

The Body Sport Variable Speed Professional Massager relieves tension and relaxes muscles while increasing blood flow to injured areas. This premium full body massager creates myofascial release in the back, buttocks, hamstrings, quads, calves, feet, shoulders, and arms.

Best Barber Shop Head & Scalp Massager:

Wahl Professional Massager Model 4120-600

wahl barber massager

The Wahl Professional Massager is an excellent option if you want a comprehensive yet inexpensive barber massager. It has four different attachment massagers. These are the facial attachment for smooth, gentle, and relaxing massage; the four-finger flex, which has nodes replicating a masseuse’s hands; the power disc that provides a deep massage to a large surface area; and the spot application that targets pinpoint pain areas. With these four different head attachments, you can deliver customized massage services specific to your clients’ needs. 

When it comes to its operations, the Wahl Professional Massager offers dual-speed options. As a rule, use the low speed for a soothing and relaxing massage. In contrast, use the high speed for deep penetrating tissue massage. This handheld massager is also quiet, which makes your massage services calming. 

As for the construction, the Wahl Professional Massager is lightweight. It has an ergonomic design that suits massage for the arms, legs, feet, and upper and lower back. The 9-foot-long cord allows you the flexibility to move this device across different parts of the body. 

While the Wahl Professional Massager is for professional use, many clients at home love how this device helps relax muscles, relieves tightness, increases blood circulation, provides fast comfort, and speeds up muscle healing and recovery.

Product Features: 

  • Dimensions: 1.5 x 4 x 9 inches. 
  • It weighs ‎1 pound. 

Four special head attachments

Dual-speed options





✘ Some complained that the power decreased compared to the early editions of this product.

Bottomline: If you are looking for a versatile barbers massager to provide the different needs of your clients, then this Wahl Professional Massager is for you. It has the power and features to soothe muscle tension, stiffness, pain, and soreness. This lightweight product makes it easy to bring whenever you need to go. 

wahl pro barber massager
Wahl Professional Massager Model 4120-600

The Wahl All Body Massager is a corded handheld massager with a vibratory motor that provides a 2-speed vibrating frequency massage. The All Body Massager features a 9′ cord that comes complete with 4 specially designed, unique massage attachment heads to ensure pain relief at home.

Best Handheld Kneading Massager:

Vybe Massage Gun

vybe pro barber massager

Massage guns are gaining popularity these days. And when it comes to the best product options, the Vybe Massage Gun is on top of the list. But before I tell you all about its features, let us first talk about the type of massage it delivers. 

The Vybe Massage Gun provides percussive massage. It applies rapid and repetitive pressure and vibration therapy to soft tissues. This massage relaxes muscles, relieves tensions, removes knots, and speeds up muscle healing and recovery. 

Now let us go to the features. Visually, the Vybe Massage Gun looks elegant. It is durable but not quite lightweight. When you buy this barber massager, you will get a bag containing the gun, charger, and eight massage heads that are easy to install and replace. 

In terms of operation, this massage gun has nine different speed settings that you can adjust and view on the digital display screen. It is also a lot quieter compared to similar products from other brands. The battery can last up to three hours before it requires recharging. 

The Vybe Massage Gun makes a great barber massager because it is effective in relieving muscle tightness, tension, and knots in the neck, shoulders, and back. 

Product features: 

  • Dimensions: 14.25 x 9.92 x 4.41 inches. 
  • It weighs 5.25 pounds.

Percussion massager with eight different head attachments

Nine different speed settings

Easy to use


3 hours battery life


✘ This product is a bit pricey. 

Bottomline: This product is for you if you are looking for a barber massager that offers professional massage therapy with various settings and features. The Vybe Massage Gun is highly customizable to provide the best muscle relaxation program suitable for your clients. 

vybe barber massager
Vybe Massage Gun

This handheld massager is perfect to iron out muscle knots before or after a workout sesh and helps to get immediate pain relief. Good things do come in small packages!

Best Heated Neck & Back Barbershop Massagers:

ZMA-13 Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat

zma13 barber massager

If you want to provide massage services to your clients without extra effort, the ZMA-13 Shiatsu Pillow Massager is a great choice. It is a rectangular pillow-shaped massager with adjustable straps that you can attach to your barber chair. You can use this to relieve tension and tightness on the shoulders, upper back, lower back, and soles of the feet. 

The ZMA-13 Shiatsu Pillow Massager is made from 100% top-quality vegan leather. This barber massager has four deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes that automatically reverse directions every minute. The ZMA-13 Shiatsu Pillow Massager also has a heating function, overheating protection, and a 20-minute auto shut-off feature. You can just set it up and leave it. It saves you a lot of time and effort, as your client enjoys the full benefits of the massage. It also comes with a power adapter and a DC car adapter.

Product features: 

  •  Dimensions are 13 x 9.5 x 3.5 inches. 
  • It weighs 3.5 pounds.

Ultra-slim ergonomic design contours on the neck, abdomen, calf, thigh, hands, upper back, and lower back areas. 

Advanced heating functions and overheating protection. 

100% cruelty-free vegan leather 

Easy to clean. 

One year full warranty. 

 Very few complained that the product they received was faulty or deteriorated after a few uses.

Bottomline: If you are looking for a pillow massager to put on your barber seat, this ZMA-13 Shiatsu Pillow Massager is a perfect choice. Your client will love the soothing massage before and after any hairstyling or shaving services. This barbers massager is very convenient to use and maintain.  

zma barber massager
ZMA-13 Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat

Targeting your neck, upper and lower back, this massager offers heated relaxation. Ideal for chronic pain or unwinding after a long day, you’ll never want to be without a neck massager for women, men and seniors.

Resteck Shiatsu Kneading Massager With Heat

resteck massager barber massager

Another high-quality and effortless neck and back massager you can offer for your client’s use is the Resteck Shiatsu Kneading Massager. It is a device you hang at the back of your neck or shoulders. Then rest your hands in the two smart loops. 

The great thing about this device is you can customize the massage according to your client’s preferences. You can choose the direction, speed, and heat using the 4-button control. This massager is primarily for your back, shoulders, and neck, but you may also use it on other body parts like arms, legs, thighs, glutes, calves, and feet. All you have to do is choose the settings and leave your client to enjoy. 

This barber massager also comes with a portable bag and a car adapter. 

Product features:

  •  Dimensions: 16.14 x 8.19 x 7.05 inches. 
  • It weighs 4.81 pounds.

Deep kneading performance with heat functions 

Customizable settings

Portable design

Easy to use

Suitable for different body parts

 This massager is expensive compared to similar products of other brands. But it also delivers better performance.

Bottomline: This product is one of the most purchased massagers on Amazon. It is straightforward to use and portable. It is very convenient for barbers’ clients. Hang this massager on their backs before, during, and after their hairstyling and shaving services. You will provide a relaxing and soothing experience without having to do anything more.  

resteck barber massager
Resteck Shiatsu Kneading Massager With Heat

Minimize acute pains that would hinder your every move and enjoy life to the fullest. Ease neck stiffness, eliminate constant fatigue, soothe aching muscles and promote proper blood circulation.

Shiatsu Neck and Back Barber Massage Chair

siatsu barber massager

For those who want to provide a full back body massage to your clients, the Shiatsu Neck and Back Barber Massage Chair is a must-have! It is a portable massager you can put on top of your barber’s chair. All you have to do is customize the settings and let your client sit to enjoy the massage service. 

The Shiatsu Neck and Back Barber Massage Chair provides the following muscle relaxation benefits:

  • Shiatsu neck and shoulder massage
  • Rolling and spot back massage
  • Upper back, lower back, full back, waist, and hips compress massage
  • Heat function. 

Compared with similar products from other brands, the Shiatsu Neck and Back Barber Massage Chair is one of the best-performing massage chairs. It delivers deep muscle relaxation and eases tightness and tension.

It comes with a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the controls. The great thing about this barber massager is it is compact and portable compared to other massage chairs. Also, it offers your clients the best possible relaxation experience without you having to do anything more.

Product features:

  • Dimensions: 33 x 21 x 8.5 inches. 
  • It weighs 23.45 pounds.

Complete full back body massage

Easy to use


 Few complained that this product felt rough for them. It is pricey too. But for many, the price was worth the service.

Bottomline: If you want to provide your clients with an ultimate spa-like experience, this is the product you are looking for. You can just put it on the barber seat, waiting chair, or sofa. Your clients will surely get the relaxing massage that they need without causing you more energy. 

siatsu neck barber massager
Shiatsu Neck and Back Barber Massage Chair

The portable massage chair combines Shiatsu, Kneading, Rolling, Air compression,Kneading,Rolling,Vibration and Heat functions to help you completely eliminate fatigue, stress and relieve muscle pain, provides you a spa-like massage experience.

FAQs about Barbers Massager

Why do barbers provide massages?

Barbers provide scalp massages to promote blood circulation and stimulate hair growth. It also helps clients to relax and relieve stress. Massage is usually done after a haircut. 

What products do barbers use during scalp massage?

To enhance the massage experience, barbers can also offer to use tonics, oils, and moisturizers. You may choose products that promote hair health and with calming fragrances. If you are looking for the best essential oils for hair regrowth, check our article on Alternatives to Rogaine.

What are the safety precautions before doing scalp massages?

Ask your clients if they have pre-existing scalp conditions before massaging. Psoriasis and eczema may worsen with a massage. 

What are the other tools and accessories that barbers need?

The most common barber accessories are barber backpacks for their tools like vacuum hair clippers, haircutting shears, comb, shaving brushesdisposable razor blades, a barber case, and a barber apron

Do Barbers Give Massages?

That depends on your barber. Some barbers offer a complimentary massage along with their usual services, while others have lengthy, relaxing massages that require their payment. Barbers are already experts at pampering you, so a bit of massage for your neck, scalp, and shoulders significantly improves the haircut experience.

Invest in Barbers Massager for Ultimate Relaxing Services

It is time to give your clients the pampering that they deserve! Upgrade your services and potentially earn more with a barber massager. Provide an unforgettable soothing and relaxing massage, and clients will surely return.

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