15 Essential Barbers Accessories, Equipment and Tools

For everyone who is asking what are the essential barbers accessories, equipment, and tools, we heard you! Whether you are going to open your own barber shop or you are looking for gift ideas for your barber, we got you. In this article, we will talk about the must-haves in the barbers profession.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s check out our essential barbers accessories, tools and equipment for you.

Barber Tools

Barber essentials are mostly barber tools. Barber tools are handheld simple tools for hair cutting, hairstyling, and shaving. Included in our list are the barbers comb, barbers scissors, razors, blades, shaving brush, and dusting brush. Let us learn more about each of these items.

1. Barbers Comb

barbers comb 1 barbers accessories

Barber combs are not only one of the most important tools that a barber needs, it are also the best comb for men. Combs serve as guides to scissors so that the hair is cut even. A typical barber comb is thin. It is divided into two parts. One portion has narrowly-spaced teeth and the other half has regularly-spaced teeth.

A barber comb allows you to cut hair short without getting too close to the head. It is also tapered. This means that one side is also wider as compared to the other. It is designed as a guard so that you are not going to damage the scalp.

2. Barbers Scissors

barbers scissors barbers accessories

Barbers scissors are probably the most important implements in the trade of a barber. Without this tool, hair cannot be cut to the customers’ liking. Also called hairdressing shears, these hair-cutting tools are usually made of one-sided metal blades that are joined in the center by a fulcrum. They have two handles that have rings for fingers to be inserted with one being swiveled to ensure the barber’s thumb stays in place while the other finger moves.

Barber scissors come in varying shapes and sizes for different types of cutting hair. Short-bladed scissors are designed for better control and less hand fatigue. Long-bladed scissors are designed for a larger surface area of hair to be cut and to ensure each cut is in a straight line.

Thinner scissors are the barbers tools that are made with teeth across the blades. This enables the barber to make thick or coarse hair look thinner, thus the name. Thinner scissors come in different widths and lengths for more options in texturizing. All these types of scissors are the essential barbers tools so each and every cut is precise.

3. Razors

barbers razors 1 barbers accessories

Among all barber’s tools, the finishing touches are usually dealt by the razor. These are disposable straight razors that can hold a metal blade. Barbers generally use straight razors. Straight razors offer better control, providing barbers with gentler strokes so as to not cut their customers.

These also give the barber more angles for shaping beards, sideburns, and necklines. Other types of razors are safety razors and cartridge razors. In completing your barber’s tools, make sure to have razors for clean finishes on each customer.

4. Blades

barber razor 1 1 barbers accessories

Blades are almost always used by barbers with a razor. These barber’s tools are thin and extremely sharp metal film. Blades are the cutting part of straight, safety, and cartridge razors.

5. Shaving Brush

barber brush 1 barbers accessories

Also called a shave brush, these barber tools are small brushes with fine and soft bristles with a small, often circular handle. These are used to make a lather from shaving soap or shaving cream. This tool helps create a thicker and more moist lather while lifting the hairs on the face, providing the barber with a smoother and cleaner shave.

The different types of shaving brushes are badger shaving brush, boar shaving brush, horsehair shaving brush, and synthetic shaving brush. To learn more, check out our review of the best shaving brushes in the market today.

6. Dusting Brush

barber dust brush 1 barbers accessories

After every cut and shave, there are sure to be clippings or trimmings left on the neck and shoulders. To ensure the customer leaves the shop clean of these clippings, the barber’s tool for the job is the dusting brush. These are simple brushes with long and fine bristles on an elongated base and a short handle. 

Barbers Equipment

Now that we are done with barber tools, let us go to barber equipment. Barbers equipment are electric or battery-powered devices used inside a barbershop. Included in our list are hair clippers, hair dryers, and barbers massagers. While each piece of equipment has a distinct feature to offer, they all perform efficiently. Let us get to know each other better.

7. Hair Clippers

barber hairclipper 1 barbers accessories

Modern barbershops are not complete without electric hair clippers. These barbers’ equipment provides the barber with faster and easier hair cutting while maintaining precision. The cutting part of hair clippers is a pair of sharpened comb-like blades in close contact, one on top of the other sliding sideways.

To allow for different lengths of cutting, hair clippers come with attachable guide combs with a variety of lengths. So, for a simple maintenance cut or a high taper fade, hair clippers are a barber’s best friend. 

8. Hair Dryer

barber hairdryer 1 barbers accessories

Clients enter our salons with their hair not wet, so should they when they leave through our doors. When treating or coloring hair, there is sure to be washing involved that leaves the hair wet. To speed up the process of drying hair, hair dryers are a necessity in a barber’s equipment. These are electric tools that produce a stream of warm or hot air through its nozzle to hasten the evaporation of water in the hair. No more need for long waits to get hair work or party-ready. 

9. Barbers Massager

barber massager 1 barbers accessories

Our clients go to our salons or call us not only for personal grooming but also to slow down and make time for self-care. We should give them the best possible salon experience that we can. There is no other way to complete our services and provide the utmost satisfaction than a good massage on the scalp, neck, shoulders, and back.

Massage helps your clients calm and relax. This relieves muscle sores, pains, and tension. It promotes muscle recovery and healing. This also promotes scalp blood circulation and boosts hair growth and quality.

There are plenty of available barbers massagers to help you. Depending on your preference, you can get the traditional handheld massager, versatile point gun massager, easy wearable massage devices, comfortable massage neck pillow, or massage chair.

Barbers Accessories

Our barber’s essential list is not complete without barber’s accessories. Barbers accessories are items that are either worn or items that complement the function of the barber’s tools and equipment. Included in our barber accessories must-haves are barber aprons, barber capes, towels, mirrors, spray bottles, and barber case. Read on to learn why you need each of these barbers’ accessories.

10. Barbers Apron

barber apron 1 barbers accessories

Barbers apron does not only serve as a barrier from hair trimmings sticking into barbers’ clothing. It also provides efficiency in a fast-paced environment like a barbershop. Reaching for your barber’s accessories and equipment on tables and drawers every now and then can get taxing and can waste precious seconds and momentum.

Great thing that barbers’ aprons are highly functional. It has pockets and compartments that carry essential barber accessories and tools. Walking, turning, and reaching for your next needed tool is now replaced by a simple reach down your apron’s pockets.

11. Barbers Cape

barber cape 1 barbers accessories

A barber’s cape is a mainstay in any self-respecting kit of barber accessories. It is almost impossible to find a client in a barbershop or salon not donning a barber cape. This large sheet of cloth covers the client from shoulder to leg and protects them from getting covered in hair clippings and trimmings. 

12. Towels

barber towel 1 barbers accessories

Almost all treatments, procedures, and styling in a barbershop and salon require a towel. Be it for drying hair, wiping off clippings and trimmings, damping warm towels over skin, or laying down barber tools. A barber must have a couple of these ready to ensure the client does not leave the doors with soggy hair or messy with hair trimmings. Simple and understated, but towels are a much-needed barbers accessories.

13. Mirror

barber mirror 1 barbers accessories

Aside from the wall mirror installed inside the barbershop, you will also need a small mirror to go with your other barbers accessories. This will let you show the final haircut or hairstyle to your client. Mirrors help you show the details of the hair on the sides and at the back of the head.

14. Spray Bottle

barber spray 1 barbers accessories

Hair can be cut much easier when it is moist. Most times when making finishing touches and a close shave, hair must be rendered moist to enable a smooth and gentle shave. The best way to do this with relative precision is to spray the area in question with water. And what better and more cost-efficient way to do this than with a spray bottle.

15. Barber Case

barber case 1 barbers accessories

If you have all the barbers accessories that we mentioned above, then it is a must that you have a quality barber case. A good barber Case protects your barber accessories and tools from damaging, breaking, rusting, or getting lost. It helps you organize, store, and secure all your items in one place and locate what you need at a glance. This makes packing and traveling with barber accessories fast and easy.

When it comes to professionalism, a stylish and elegant barber case helps you establish a good impression with your clients. This is important in building rapport and professional relationships. Barber case adds to your overall branding.

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