Synthetic, Badger or Boar Shaving Brush? 5 Best Shaving Brushes

A shaving brush is an essential part of every successful wet shave. They facilitate a super close shave while keeping the whole experience comfortable and smooth. And if you need to decide whether to buy a shaving brush with synthetic bristles or a boar shaving brush, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will review the best synthetic and boar shaving brushes and let you know the different types of shaving brushes.

What does a Shaving Brush Do?

The bristles of a shaving brush raise your facial hairs perpendicular to the skin surface, which is just what you want to achieve in a perfectly close shave.

best boar shaving brush

Luckily, getting a shaving brush is relatively easy because they are available in plenty. They also come at different prices, meaning everyone should get a decent brush regardless of their budget. However, the vast number of brushes can be very overwhelming.

Not to worry, though, because we’ve made your work easier by picking the best shaving brushes that work correctly with different people. But before all that, let’s first take a look at the different types of shave brushes you can buy today:

Types of Shaving Brushes 

There are four main types of shaving brushes. These are categorized depending on the types of bristles used.

Badger Shaving Brush

Badger bristles are your best pick if you are looking for the softest shaving brush. The bristles are grouped into four categories; pure badger, which comes from the badger’s belly; best bristles extracted from other parts of the badger; super bristles; and finally, silvertip bristles which are the softest and rarest providing the highest lathering ability and water retention.

Boar Shaving Brush

A boar shaving brush is not as soft as a badger brush, but it is not too stiff either. A natural boar bristle shaving brush is also less expensive and is designed with the bristles splitting at the ends to allow for a soft brush. They are a good option for men who want a reasonably stiff bristle that can work well with hard soaps.

Horsehair Shaving Brush

Horsehair brushes are nowhere as popular as Badger or Boar shaving brushes, but they still have their own loyal fans. They strike the perfect balance between the softness of badgers and the stiffness of boar brushes. Therefore, you want the horsehair shaving brush if you are looking for a brush that is not as soft as badger brushes and not as stiff as boars.

Synthetic Shaving Brush

Synthetic shaving brushes are an excellent alternative to anyone who doesn’t want a brush made of animal hair either due to allergies or moral concerns. The best synthetic shaving brushes are incredibly soft and flexible, so they work really well with different people.

Now you know the different types of shaving brushes. If you’re looking for performance and quality, we highly recommend either synthetic, badger or boar shaving brushes. That’s why in the next section we’ll discuss and review some of the best synthetic, badger and boar shaving brushes available on Amazon today!

Vikings Blade White Knight Luxury Shaving Brush: Synthetic Bristles

Boar Shaving Brush - Vikings Blade White Knight Luxury Shaving BrushVikings Blade White Knight Luxury Shaving Brush is the best shaving brush on the market right now! The company, Vikings Blade, held nothing back in the designing of this high-end shaving brush, and their efforts have paid off remarkably well. It’s the highest-rated shaving brush that ticks all the relevant boxes to give users the ultimate shaving experience.

The brush is made of premium materials throughout. For instance, the base is made of stainless steel, which is useful in various ways. One, it’s a bit heavy, and this improves your hold and control of the brush. Second, it’s stainless, so you never have to worry about it developing rust. Finally, the aesthetics of the polished stainless steel are nothing short of stunning!

Coming to the bristles themselves, the [amazon link=”B01M61RI75″ title=”Vikings Blade Shaving Brush” /] is made of premium synthetic fibers. These synthetic brushes are said to be of the same caliber as the silvertip badger hair, and the overwhelmingly positive user reviews support the same.

The brush offers high water retention. Also, it’s never affected by hard water.


  • Made of premium materials
  • The quality rival silvertip badger shaving brushes
  • Durable
  • High water retention
  • Cruelty-free


  • It sheds
[amazon box=”B01M61RI75″ description_items=”1″ title_length=”50″/]

Omega Boar Shaving Brush: #10048 Boar Bristle Pro 48

Omega Boar Shaving Brush: #10048 Boar Bristle Pro 48This [amazon link=”B003BWNR9A” title=”Omega Shaving Brush” /] is the best budget shaving brush of 2020. It gives the biggest value for money, making it the best choice for anyone on a tight budget.

The Omega Boar Bristle Shaving Brush, also known as the Pro 48, is made of 100% boar bristles. The boar bristle shave brush is soft and dense enough for an excellent close shave. The bristles work well with different shaving creams and soaps, so flexibility should not be an issue.

The base of the brush is made of chrome-colored ABS. It looks terrific and also provides a firm and comfortable grip.


  • Reasonably light
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • It has a weird smell out of the box.
[amazon box=”B003BWNR9A” description_items=”1″ title_length=”50″/]

Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush with Drip Stand

Synthetic, Badger Or Boar Shaving Brush - Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush With Drip Stand, Imitation Ivory, Medium
Edwin Jagger is a popular male grooming company from England. They’ve been around for more than three decades now, having released various successful male grooming accessories in the market. The company harnessed its expertise to develop one of the best shaving brushes ever made, the Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush.
The brush is designed to work perfectly with different wet shavers. As the name suggests, it’s made from reasonably soft badger brushes. They also have just the right amount of stiffness to stimulate and exfoliate facial skin and raise the beard hair. When used alongside the best shaving creams and soaps, the [amazon link=”B002QI45Z0″ title=”Edwin Jagger Best Badger Brush” /] produces a rich lather.
The overall size of the brush is not as big as some of the other brushes out there. However, it still provides a decent grip for full control. The Shaving brush comes with a drip stand of matching color. It facilitates easy storage and drying of the brush.


  • Handmade
  • Decent build quality
  • Comes packed with a drip stand


  • Lightweight
[amazon box=”B002QI45Z0″ description_items=”1″ title_length=”50″/]

Parker Safety Razor-Faux Horn Handle 100% Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush

Boar Shaving Brush - Parker Safety Razor-Faux Horn Handle 100% Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush Parker Safety Razor Shaving Brush is a premium product made of genuine silvertip badger bristles. The brush is, therefore, very soft, making for a comfortable shaving experience. The bristles’ softness also makes the brush ideal for everyone with sensitive skin that reacts to stiff bristles found in other shaving brushes. The bristles are extra-long to improve lathering and exfoliation.

The [amazon link=”B002RJC1HC” title=”Parker Shaving brush” /] comes with a wooden handle and an acrylic brush drip stand. This allows your brush to drip off the water and remain in dry and hygienic storage without taking up much space.


  • High quality 100% authentic silvertip badger bristles
  • Elegant design
  • Durable
  • Very soft and comfortable


  • Pricey
[amazon box=”B002RJC1HC” description_items=”1″ title_length=”50″/]

Omega Pennello Da Barba: Boar Shaving Brush

Omega Pennello Da Barba Boar Shaving BrushOmega Pennello Da Barba, also known as the Omega Professional Boar Shaving Brush, is a simple shaving brush from Italy. The brush features a quality ABS handle that provides a comfortable and firm grip. The brush comes in several plastic handle colors; black, chrome, red, and white.

The brush is made of boar bristles that generate quality lather quickly for a soft and close shave. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and fresh.

[amazon link=”B004HJ6CFM” title=”Omega Pennello Da Barba” /] is a decent option for anyone looking for a simple and affordable but effective shaving brush. It will help you get the job done without breaking the bank. However, it does come with a foul odor, but this should go away after some time.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable grip
  • Builds quality lather
  • The bristles improve over time


  • The initial odor is quite strong
[amazon box=”B004HJ6CFM” description_items=”1″ title_length=”50″/]

Best Shaving Brush Buying Guide

So, how exactly did we come up with the above list? How can you tell the best shaving brushes in a market filled with hundreds of them? Well, here are key factors you must consider when looking for a shaving brush:

Type of Brush  

As we pointed out earlier on, shaving brushes come in different types, each providing something unique. Badger brushes are the most popular due to how soft and reasonably priced they are. However, they can also get quite expensive, as is the case with silvertip badger brushes.

If you want something stiffer, try out the boar-like Omega Boar Shaving Brush and Omega Pennello Da Barba or horsehair brushes. For individuals looking for animal-free brushes, synthetic fiber brushes like the Vikings Blade White Knight Luxury Shaving Brush is the ideal option.


You should consider the overall size of the brush as well as the size of the loft. This should give you an idea of how easy it is to use it. Most people prefer large-sized brushes because they produce rich lather a lot faster. However, they do not offer as much control as the small brushes.

The size of the handle is also important, especially if you have big hands. You want a brush like the [amazon link=”B002RJC1HC” title=”Parker Shaving brush” /] that you can hold comfortably, so don’t overlook this minor detail.


No one wants to keep on buying the same thing over and over. Many shaving brushes available on the market are notorious for shedding the bristles. Some of them will start shedding within weeks of your purchase! To avoid wasting your money, you can check out the user reviews to see what kind of complaints other users are raising.

While on the subject of build quality, it’s essential to point out that going for the cheapest is not always the right decision. I mean, would you rather save a few dollars and keep on buying a shaving brush every other month or spend slightly more and get something durable and elegant?!

FAQ About Shaving Brushes

What are the benefits of using a shaving brush?

A shaving brush made from boar bristles can help to evenly distribute your beard/hair’s natural oil and moisture. In addition to that it can also help remove dead hair strands and close hair strand cuticles to create a shinier finish.

How long does a boar shaving brush last?

Unlike synthetic shaving brushes that last over 50 years (or a lifetime), badger or boar shaving brushes usually last 5 years because of its natural materials. But if maintained and taken care of properly, manufacturers claim that it can last longer up to 20 years.

Does a boar shaving brush shed?

It is normal for a shaving brush to shed some a few hair. To prevent shedding, you can use a comb to run through its bristles stop the hairs from sticking together. In addition to that, soak it to warm water before you dip it in to your shaving cream. This will soften up the boar bristles more and maintain its stiffness or softness.

How do you use a Synthetic, Badger or Boar shaving brush?

Dip/wet your shaving in warm water first to saturate its bristles. When it’s soft and fully wet dip it into your shaving cream or add your shaving soap. Lather it to the shaving area in circular motions. Then you can rinse it after shaving.

How do you dry a shaving brush?

Rinse and clean your shaving brush. Shake it to remove water and rub it in a clean towel. Let the towel absorb all the moisture from the brush. Then you can leave it somewhere airy and not damp for 24 hours to let it fully dry.

Final Thoughts

A wet shave is not complete without a good shaving brush. Sure, you could simplify the whole process by using your hand, but that cannot replace a shaving brush. Shaving brushes lift your hair, create a rich quality lather, and exfoliate your dry skin for a smooth and close shave. They also leave your skin feeling fresh and soft. So yes, you do need a shaving brush, and not just any shaving brush but the best shaving brush like the ones discussed above.

To keep all your brushes and other barber accessories together, invest in a good barber case or a barber backpack.

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