7 Best Barber Backpack for Clippers and Barber Tools

Everyone needs a way to carry the tools of their trade, and for barbers, this carrying method is the barber backpack. If you’re looking for one, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll review 7 of the best barber backpacks and give you their pros and cons. 


What is a Barber Backpack?

Barber Bag for Clippers and Supplies for Men Clipper Bags Backpack and Cases for Barbers Barber Supplies Case Backpack Organizer with USB Charger Travel Barber Tool Bag

A barber backpack serves as a way for barbers, cosmetologists, and hairstylists to carry the tools of their trade. These bags are specially designed with the sharp, delicate tools of the grooming profession in mind, and are specially configured to provide a safe and convenient transportation method for both you and your hairstyling tools. Do note that while the term “barber backpack” is used, there are different kinds of barber bags, such as cases.

Barber Backpack Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for a barber backpack (or just about anything else), you first need to address your personal needs. What are you looking to get out of your barber backpack? Do you need one that’s extra large, or with compartments for laptops and tablets? Do you need a USB charging port?

Once you’ve answered that question, you can move on to the material. The most common materials for barber backpacks are oxford cloth and nylon, both of which are reasonably waterproofed. If you can inspect the fabric in person, so much the better. You’ll want something that’s both waterproof and durable since barber backpacks can be heavy.

Next are the grips. While barber backpacks often come with cushioning to help reduce the strain they put on your shoulders, you’ll still get tired from carrying such a heavy weight for so long. If you foresee that that’s going to be a problem, invest in a barber backpack with a side handle or one with an attachable shoulder strap.

Finally, it’s a matter of your personal preference. Some barber backpacks come with sleek, simple designs, while others are more unique and detailed. You might also prefer a particular brand, so you’ll be drawn to that barber backpack.

To help you find the perfect barber backpack, I’ll list our picks for the top picks for barber backpacks available on the market today.

7 Best Barber Backpacks Reviewed

Best Overall Barber Backpack

NADAENMF Portable Barber Bookbag

Portable Barber Bookbag Hairstylist Backpack for Clippers and Supplies, Barber Bag Organizer Multifunction Travel Backpack Cosmetic Organizer Waterproof Storage hairdressing Tool Bag

Special Features:

  • Large capacity
  • Waterproof Oxford cloth material

Pros: Affordable, sturdy, lots of space

Cons: Could use more pockets in rear section

NADAENMF Portable Barber Bookbag Review:

This barber backpack provides the best value for money on this list. The NADAENMF Portable Barber Bookbag is a no-frills barber backpack that simply serves as secure mobile storage for your cosmetic tools.

The NADAENMF Portable Barber Bookbag is composed of sturdy nylon and waterproof Oxford cloth, ensuring that your tools are safe from rain or any other moisture. A large central compartment measuring 46 x 33 x 20 centimeters keeps your bigger and smaller tools snug and secure as you travel. This barber backpack is also very light at just 1.9 pounds.

“Simple yet effective” best describes the NADAENMF Portable Barber Bookbag. It’s got no added features, but it does its job of securing your tools very, very well – and at the end of the day, that’s what a barber backpack is really for.

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Best Luxury Barber Backpack

BaByliss PRO BaByliss4Barbers Grooming Bag

BaBylissPRO BaByliss4Barbers Grooming to Go Bag, 1 ct.

Special Features:

  • Customizable
  • Removal mirror and compartment tray
  • Adjustable straps and multiple pockets for easy organization

Pros: Sturdy construction despite light weight, fully customizable main compartment, adjustable straps are great for handheld tools

Cons: Pricey

BaByliss PRO BaByliss4Barbers Grooming Bag Review

Just like any other BaByliss PRO product, the BaByliss PRO BaByliss4Barbers Grooming Bag is a luxury item that commands a high price tag but comes with many features that justify its cost.

BaByliss spared no expense in the BaByliss PRO BaByliss4Barbers Grooming Bag’s construction, and the end result is a barber backpack that’s light yet durable, feels great to the touch, and is spacious enough to hold all your tools snugly. The many adjustable straps and pockets in this bag ensures that all your hairstyling tools can be carried safely and securely, with no risk of breakage. As an added bonus, the BaByliss PRO BaByliss4Barbers Grooming Bag also comes with a removal mirror and compartment tray. 

You’ll always get what you pay for when you get a BaByliss, and the BaByliss PRO BaByliss4Barbers Grooming Bag is further proof of that.

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Best Budget Barber Backpack

zmr Barber Bag

Barber Bag Travel Stylist Backpack Hair Clipper Organizer with USB Charging PortSpecial Features:

  • Tough oxford cloth construction
  • Large capacity
  • USB charging port

Pros: Sturdy yet lightweight material, waterproof, wrinkle-resistant, easy to clean

Cons: Very short 1-month warranty

zmr Barber Bag Review

The zmr Barber Bag is great for barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetologists on a tight budget. This is a compact, durable barber backpack made primarily out of waterproof oxford cloth, ensuring that your tools remain protected from moisture. In spite of its hardy make, the zmr Barber Bag itself weighs just 1.9 pounds.

The inside of the zmr Barber Bag is spacious, with 18.8 x 13.7 inches of space in its main compartment, which is big enouh for most large tools. Auxiliary pockets and slots allow you to easily secure hand tools such as scissors, faders, or razors. Thicker inner lining also prevents vibration from harming and damaging your tools.

Finally, the zmr Barber Bag comes with a USB charging port that’s handy not only for your hairdressing tools, but also for daily essentials such as cellphones.

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Best Zipper Barber Backpack:

N/C Barber Bag

Barber Bag for Clippers and Supplies for Men Clipper Bags Backpack and Cases for Barbers Barber Supplies Case Backpack Organizer with USB Charger Travel Barber Tool BagSpecial Features:

  • Stress-tested copper zipper for all-around access
  • Air cushion shoulder design and backside support for added ease and comfort
  • USB and headphone port

Pros: Affordable, large capacity

Cons: USB port can be fickle, bag material itself isn’t very sturdy

N/C Barber Bag Review

One of the biggest banes of any barber backpack is its zipper. This tiny device dictates whether or not a backpack is still useful, and single-handedly makes or breaks a backpack. With that in mind, the N/C Barber Bag delivers a durable yet light backpack whose zipper will not snag and break at the wrong time.

A large central compartment of 18.5 x 13.5 x 7.8 is enough to carry bulky styling tools like hair dryers. Air cushion shoulder design and additional backside support make the N/C Barber Bag light on the back and shoulders and easy to carry.

While it’s also on the more affordable end of barber backpacks, potential customers should be warned of the N/C Barber Bag’s lighter construction – don’t load this backpack too heavy.

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Best Duffel Barber Backpack

BAFASO Large Barber Bag
BAFASO Large Barber Bag with Adjustable Dividers, Travel Barber Case Holds Various Hair Cutting Tools (Bag Only), Black

Special Features:

  • Duffel bag design
  • Adjustablel compartments
  • Has both shoulder straps and a top handle as carrying options

Pros: Great compartment decision leads to easy organization, sturdy, affordable

Cons: No dedicated cable space for clippers and other electrical tools

BAFASO Large Barber Bag Review

The BAFASO Large Barber Bag is the perfect barber backpack for when you need to carry lots of things. Its duffel bag design makes it especially great at this, and it’s a very good investment.

The first thing you’ll note about the BAFASO Large Barber Bag is its size. This large barber backpack is more akin to conventional duffel bags, both in looks and in carrying capacity.

A generous interior space provides enough room for your large mechanical equipment, like dryers or curlers. Elastic bands, side zipper pockets, and pouches give additional space for smaller tools. A lining of thick inner padding provides additional protection for items stored within.

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Best Versatile Barber Backpack

DAMIFAN Barber Case

DAMIFAN Barber cases for Clippers and Supplies Portable barber haircut Organizer Makeup hairdresser Bag for travel

Special Features:

  • Multiple detachable carrying methods
  • Waterproof material

Pros: Very large capacity, safety buckles and straps for securing tools, lots of pockets

Cons: Pricey

DAMIFAN Barber Case Review

The DAMIFAN Barber Case is an adaptable piece of kit that has four different carrying methods – via shoulder strap, handle, via luggage lever, or as a backpack. This gives the DAMIFAN Barber Case great versatility in what kind of tools it’ll be carrying as well as their method of transportation.

Waterproof material ensures that no matter how much rain hits the bag, your tools remain safe and dry. Smooth buckles within the interior compartment further secure large equipment. Quality zippers keep your compartments working and easily accessible.

The DAMIFAN Barber Case is especially great for barbers with quickly evolving needs, and its adaptive carrying methods let you easily and seamlessly switch between your tools.

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Best Durable Barber Backpack

Vincent Master Backpack

Vincent Master Backpack Travel Stylist Barber Bag (Silver)Special Features:

  • Incredibly durable construction
  • Lined padding for extra protection

Pros: Super sturdy, multiple colors

Cons: Sellers tend to sell damaged products – get yours directly from the source

Vincent Master Backpack Review:

If you’re like me, sometimes you can’t help but feel paranoid about the security of your things. For barbers, the Vincent Master Backpack is here to assuage your fears.

While there’s no indication of what exactly the bag is made of, it’s super tough. You can just pass your hands over the bag’s dense material and rest easy that your tools, other barber accessories, or even your barber case will be safe. Even its straps are extra durable, reducing the risk of sudden breakage and accidental damage. If you’re still feeling iffy, the Vincent Master Backpack also has extra padding lined in its interior walls to absorb shocks and impact.

Multiple compartments allow you to safely house clippers, shears, combs, and even bigger hair styling equipment. The Vincent Master Backpack also has separate pockets for laptops, tablets, and cords.

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What’s the Best Barber Backpack?

While all of these barber backpacks are fine products in their own right, I highly recommend the NADAENMF Portable Barber Bookbag and the N/C Barber Bag – they both have fantastic value for money and are sure to be a great addition to your cosmetic tools.

FAQs about Barber Backpack

Why should I use a barber backpack over a regular backpack?

While you can just use a regular backpack to carry your tools, barber backpacks often have compartmentalized storage, straps, and pockets for fitting both small and large tools. In addition, they also usually come with internal padding to protect your equipment from shocks and impact.

What materials should I look out for?

You should definitely look for either Oxford cloth or waterproofed nylon. These materials are reasonably durable and, more importantly, protect your precious tools from water that can damage or even destroy them.

Is it possible to size up a barber backpack to see if my tools can fit?

If you’re buying a barber backpack in person, it’s possible. Online vendors also include the dimensions of their backpacks to help buyers determine if the said backpack has enough space for even small tools like your barber apron or boar shaving brushes.

Won’t the insides of a barber backpack tear from sharp tools?

Barber backpacks are made to be tough. Not only do they protect your tools, but they’re also pretty well-protected themselves, and can withstand some amount of damage.

Is an interchangeable duffel bag/backpack model better?

In some cases, yes. That depends on what you’re looking for – and I would recommend having a backpack with a side handle if your tools are especially heavy.

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